A report on west side story by arthur laurents

The sound of approaching police sirens is heard, and everyone scatters, except Tony, who stands in shock at what he has done. The next day, Maria is in a very happy mood at the bridal shop, as she anticipates seeing Tony again. Army in the middle of World War II.

Maria flees to her bedroom, praying that Chino is lying.

Arthur Laurents

The Sharks arrive to discuss weapons to use in the rumble. Bernstein wrote about Sondheim: Robbins felt if the three were going to join forces, they should return to East Side Story, and Bernstein agreed.

Gypsy, West Side Story and Other Musicals, published inin which he discussed musicals he directed and the work of other directors he admired.

He attended various local schools and went to Cornell University, New York, in They are warned by police officers Krupke and Lt. Tony kills Bernardo in a fit of rage, which in turn provokes an all-out fight like the fight in the Prologue.

She admits that Chino has a gun and is looking for Tony. In it, he discusses his lengthy career and his many gay affairs and long-term relationships, including those with Farley Granger and Tom Hatcher August 24, - October 26, Small, trim and tailored, he offered a wicked smile before answering questions whose responses would surely make some theater folks cringe.

He was outvoted on other issues: Some of the Jets are unsure of his loyalty, but Riff is adamant that Tony is still one of them "Jet Song". The Hays Office kept close tabs on his work, and the final script was so discreet that Laurents was unsure whether co-star James Stewart ever realized that his character was gay.

And then we had the really tough problem of casting it, because the characters had to be able not only to sing but dance and act and be taken for teenagers.

Q & A With Arthur Laurents

They described the project as "lyric theater", and Laurents wrote a first draft he called East Side Story.

They meet the rest of the gang. Only the bodies of Riff and Bernardo remain. Here's a closer look at West Side Story and some of the surprising elements that make it one of the most memorable works of musical theater. They were products of the culture. Anita is furious, and in anger spitefully delivers the wrong message, telling the Jets that Chino has shot Maria dead.

Language posed a problem; four-letter curse words were uncommon in the theater at the time, and slang expressions were avoided for fear they would be dated by the time the production opened. He won another Tony for directing the farcical La Cage aux Folles, about a gay nightclub owner's disastrous encounter with the strait-laced family of his son's fiancee.

Four decades later, Laurents learned he was ineligible for WGA health benefits because he had failed to accumulate enough credits to qualify. His painted backdrops were stunning, but the sets were, for the most part, either shabby looking or too stylized.

As Tony leaves, he tells Maria to meet him at Doc's so they can run away to the country. He gave the ensemble more freedom than Broadway dancers had previously been given to interpret their roles, and the dancers were thrilled to be treated like actors instead of just choreographed bodies.

West Side Story

He brought his deep understanding of high art to popular culture, and forever changed the shape of musical theater.In the book for West Side Story, Arthur Laurents used street slang taken from what source?

Although he was required to pay them, Bernstein removed which section from West Side Story. Above left: People crowd outside New York’s Winter Garden Theatre for the opening of West Side Story. Source: the Library of Congress.

The Surprising Backstory to West Side Story

Source: the Library of Congress. Above right: Jerome Robbins in rehearsal for the West Side Story movie, around From Arthur Laurents, playwright, screenwriter, director—a mesmerizing book about theater, the art, the artist, the insider, the outsider—and the making of two of the greatest musicals of the American stage, West Side Story and Gypsy.

It is a book profoundly enriched by the author’s two loves, love for the theater and love for his partner of fifty /5(15). Sponsored by Norma and Sol Kugler West Side Story Based on conception of Jerome Robbins Book by ARTHUR LAURENTS Music by LEONARD BERNSTEIN Lyrics by STEPHEN SONDHEIM Musical Direction by DARREN R.

COHEN Original Choreography reproduced by ROBERT LA FOSSE Directed by JULIANNE BOYD Entire original. In the book West Side Story by Arthur Laurents there were many prejudices. Prejudice is a favoring or dislike of something without just grounds or before sufficient knowledge.

One Last Time, Arthur Laurents Speaks Out

There were prejudices in West Side Story that had to do with the types of people, their races and sex. InLaurents directed a Broadway revival of Gypsy starring Patti LuPone, and inhe tackled a bilingual revival of West Side Story, with Spanish translations of .

A report on west side story by arthur laurents
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